Purpose Book Club Host Guide

10+ pages of free tips on how to host the ultimate purposeful book club

Hosting or joining a Purpose Book Club is the ultimate hack, because it kills two birds with one stone.  

First of all, reading about other people’s pursuit of purpose can provide some much-needed inspiration for your own journey. On top of that, finding your purpose can be a lot more fun when you're in good company.  

But for every life-changing book on this topic, there are at least a dozen doozies. So we curated a list of our favorite reads and discussion prompts to help you and your tribe kickstart your paths to purpose!  

What’s included:  

  • Tips for selecting your founding members
  • Email template for reaching out to founding members
  • Tools for streamlining book club planning and logistics
  • Recommended venues for hosting your book club
  • A list of 10 curated readings on purpose
  • Discussion prompts for each reading to guide the conversation
  • ...and more